IVF is burdensome, we make it our mission to explain and listen to you!

We are aware that undergoing IVF is very difficult to the couple from many aspects: Psychologically, morally, physically and financially.  Many couples suffer a great deal during their IVF treatment and the situation can sometimes lead to catastrophic results like depression, divorce or violence within the couple especially in cases of repeated IVF failure. Hence, we try to accompany the couple undergoing IVF as much as we can by being present for them anytime they need it.


On-demand unlimited and free personalized discussion sessions with Dr. Jessica Azoury, our Infertility Consultant.

The goal of these sessions mainly focuses on giving the patients very clear and detailed explanations about what they are going through, why they are going through it, the IVF techniques used and the real chances of success. We believe that when patients are aware of the enemy they are facing, their fight becomes less challenging and the whole IVF treatment easier to handle.

In addition, a “mandatory” counseling session takes place with Dr. Jessica Azoury at the end of an IVF attempt before any embryo transfer is performed. The results of every step of the attempt are carefully explained to the couple and they are invited to participate in the transfer decision-making process:

-Should we do the transfer or not?
-The number of embryos to be transferred
-The best day for the transfer
-Embryo freezing



On the other hand, we collaborate with certified Life coaches that can help the couples surpass their personal problems and offer them a free first session.



On-demand sessions with our midwife Simone Kerbaje that has a Master’s degree in psychosomatic accompaniment that helps in reducing stress by using breathing and muscle relaxation techniques.

Dr Joseph Azoury